Untraditional Gems EP

by Chris Quotes x CHIMS

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"Add success to the list of sh*t I ain't afraid of" - Chris Quotes, "Twinkle".

Producer CHIMS and Toronto rapper Chris Quotes team up to deliver something special on this collaborational remix EP. CHIMS' unique productions compliments Quotes lyrical prowess perfectly on this 5 track EP, aptly named 'Untraditional Gems'.

Let professor Chris Quotes narrate you on this CHIMS produced journey with bars that are sure to make you rewind more than once...


released September 6, 2013

Written by Chris Coates
Produced by William Blix



all rights reserved


Chims Oslo, Norway

Growing up CHIMS took piano classes, but he was always more interested in improvising than playing the sheet music his teacher placed in front of him. Influenced by all genres of music, his productions are very diverse while still staying true to his unique Chims-sound. A meticulous attention to detail shines through every production giving it greater depths and new levels each time you hear it. ... more

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Track Name: Caesars and Tequila (feat. Roshin & G) (prod. CHIMS)
Chorus - Fuck a lime - it's that Tobasco and tequila
That celery salt caesar, getting faded with our feet up, you know
When you play this in the speakers, get your glass red
Your eyes red up off the reefer, it's that...
It's that grown man smoke
She get it from her mom, it's that pro-grade dro
Light another one and put it in the Volcano
So lemme see some to-mato in my caesar, yo

Verse 1 - I take my caesar with tequila and a celery stick
When I'm weeded, keep it elegant, sick, somebody Tweeted
My cerebral holds the knowledge like a memory stick
And when I teach I keep the syllabus thick
But when it comes to emceeing, I see the act like a plaque or an Emmy stat(ue)
It's tourism, piff hidden in the fanny pack
Same shades as a Blues Brother, I'm Danny Ack
Same fate as a Cool Runner, I'm coming back
I'm trying to rock like I know I know how to rock it
Namin' names without name droppin', my modus op(erandi)
Hands high, be present 'cause man dies
I manifest thoughts from the mind with hand-eye and I -
When life's bitter as a raw endive -
Rely on close family and clock your demise, I'm kidding
I wish you all of my best, no bullshittin'
It was written so we all could connect with the infinite

Verse 2 - I take my shisha with my feet up and my memory lit
Achievin' peaks, new zeniths and tips, the slang rhetoric - slick
Somebody Tweeted I'm medieval with it
A depraved and dirty wordsmith, save me I'm sick
I'm the heli, yo, making my every moment seminal
Eight degrees of Kevin Bacon, baby, you already know
Iron cross - Jean Luc - on a rap mogul
I'm 'bout today and not tomorrow so the levy's open
Ambitious and flip, vicious and marvelous
Supreme, supernatural, keen, divine, glorious
The astonishing, stunning, elite, wonderful, and neat
The improbable, chief, sublime, prodigious
That shit was over-the-top to say the obvious
Reposado caesar with lemon and grilled octopus
Last thought is a reality check, it's humbled elegance
Polishing traditional gems, I'm gone
Track Name: Marquee (prod. CHIMS)
Verse 1 - Flows like sand through the hourglass
Dams in the River of Styx I need to power past
Very few get rich off of paragraphs
And even fewer have the itch to make it last
Thespians said the monologue glowed
But the money at the top said it was wasn't en vogue
Light show when I move my wrist to light Os
Eclipse the heart, struggle will make your light strobe
Live from lonely abode
Wrote a manifesto of a spirit gone rogue
Stitchin' cuts, get my (*scratch) on, yo
So through the stereo let my luminous light glow
My first record packed shows
No one on guest list, no sneakers through back doors
Unless you've got divinity lips and you cure woes
And roll with a cat pack that stacks the front row

Verse 2 - Stepped out the venue with my name on the marquee
$6 Rayban steez is buttery
Like $35-large a year, dunny, I did it!
This is just a slogan connoting what I admitted
Let us grab hold of life by the bullhorns
And never let go until I'm trackin' out the full song
It's just the small pleasures, dolls with my ***** wetted
In the front seat, and I don't even whip the Jeep tinted
We hit stride and the beat committed
The unseen hand of God touch the mic when I'm really blitted
This isn't weed rap, it's shroom rap in north country
You're white Nikes, I'm Reebok pumpin'
Reflect eternally to move somethin', like the verbal
To howl a verse at the moon to get a crack at the kernal, word
My ambition is hope springing eternal
Higher you climb, the further you fall in the inferno
Track Name: Money in the Rhymebook (prod. CHIMS)
Verse 1 - From the jump and the get-go, ever-restless
To reap dividends lent for the time investment
In my stance like freelance, no free chances
Still I gotta drop a gem every three stanzas
Made a wish upon a mic
Genie in my AKG, grant me a whip made of ice
But you? Naw, you don't start out from the ground
To reach the roof, just a have a roof for your sound, look -
I can't feel a richer man's pain, devious skill
Could make a strong-willed talent want to wane
Since I hang with the winners and distributors of slang
Maybe the villains with the wage
In the future they'll be chilling with the kings
Revealing feelings, can I trade you for some change?
All alone in my four-cornered room getting mangled
Scheming on you record labels

Verse 2 - When you listen to Chris
Watch for the backhanded compliment, subliminal diss
But the frees'll give you crazy epiphs, cool enough
To freeze your toes at the tips, I write to ease the feel back
Into my nose and my lips, and what's really a trick
Is the fact that willy rap's actually cinch
When you got a bit of talent and piff, at one with the lit
I'll probably write a strong paper to print
And cite bars 2,5,6,7, and 10, pursue truth
And peruse through the oodles of myth
On the internet bootlegging, Googling shit
I've got oodles of this, whatever it is
Statisticians when we're notching a dip
Electricians when we watch for the switch
Typecast when I was poppin' my ish
madman when I was poppin' my lid
Emcees made me flip out my wig
Track Name: Next Best Thing (prod. CHIMS)
Verse 1- Free admission to the how-to-talk-shit clinic
Sick with it, I stick with it until the finish
Limerick and a mick with it, elix sippin'
The illicitness - hooliganism, pretty British
The Ricky Gerv(ais) of rhyming in written word
Gang of misfits in society, saying 'word!"
The Harold Pinter, a player of the absurd
Find me in the middle of winter making a fire for dinner
We're legendeers, the map makers of verse
Drawing lines, sipping bitters, don't apologize
It isn't anybody's fault rap's globalized
If this is the Earth, the we're the salt, and so it crystallized
The name's Christoper, Quotes that I administer
Invoke live rhetoric, running for Prime Minister (whoa!)
But there's a whole lotta runnin' to go
So in the meantime, on with the show (yeah, yeah, we know!)

Chorus - If you got love for yourself, son - bling
And got respect for this life quest - ding
Went from vexed to the next best thing
That's some shit I didn't write yet, see you at the mic check

Verse 2 - I picked the lady with the dragon tattoo
Cause you gotta make a statement in life or it’ll tell you
So I just decorate my view with experiences true
And how I know is that telling ‘em to you
Wrote a letter to myself at 82
Saying "ever should you need me, I’ll be livin’ within you"
Investment is an effort to continue with the muse
While Potato Famine broke, a ginge with the flu
C+ said Okayplayer, a slow gainer
With the tongue like a belt conveyor for blog paper
The crew’ll be some felt purveyors of raw data
When I’m faded, I recline in my lair because I’m major
Where the craft meets brash idiot savant
Get it how you live it, your glass –fill it how you want
Intuition to flash, the pan’s getting hot
Here’s to the past, celebrate, kick back and laugh
Track Name: Twinkle (prod. CHIMS)
Verse 1 - I'm grown now, I feel young inside
I got a button-down shirt and a checkered tie
Coming down to Earth is a ritual habitually served
My spirit is a bird - I let it fly
For what it's worth, worried we'd amount to nothing
Laying in the cut, nerved, watchin' every writer work
But, I'll get it back, get in my fitted hat
No whips, I just rented the momentum back
My incentive is get inventive but know the path
Supernova to Japanova to gettin' cash
And you should know the maneuver's over the fucking past
Die tomorrow, no remorse, I'm having a blast
Break of dawn, new day but a shadow is cast
Bad karma on the run, but I'm battling back
In the day, when I sat at the back of the class
Now I got the chalk in my hand, you're raising your hands

Verse 2 - I'm in the prime of my life, 28 and invigorated
What I gain from ego verbally syncopated's
Affiliated with how I'm tryna stay innovative
Add success to the list of shit I ain't afraid of
Carpe diem, I'm at the Colosseum
The gods of the spectacle, see 'em and want to be 'em
The Vice Magazine Guide to Being a Higher Being
My teachers always told me to question what I am seein'
And that some kind of a fight is respectable
Livin' is shed blood till the dots are connectable
And if it's any consolation, that's your constellation
Make a wish and give praise you're not a vegetable
9 lives to a cat, free passes
The globe's an assassin - a God hit that can't stick
In the spirit of the moment that I hold gripped
You only live once, man - fuck it, I'm just talking shit