Next Best Thing (prod. CHIMS)

from by Chris Quotes x CHIMS

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Verse 1- Free admission to the how-to-talk-shit clinic
Sick with it, I stick with it until the finish
Limerick and a mick with it, elix sippin'
The illicitness - hooliganism, pretty British
The Ricky Gerv(ais) of rhyming in written word
Gang of misfits in society, saying 'word!"
The Harold Pinter, a player of the absurd
Find me in the middle of winter making a fire for dinner
We're legendeers, the map makers of verse
Drawing lines, sipping bitters, don't apologize
It isn't anybody's fault rap's globalized
If this is the Earth, the we're the salt, and so it crystallized
The name's Christoper, Quotes that I administer
Invoke live rhetoric, running for Prime Minister (whoa!)
But there's a whole lotta runnin' to go
So in the meantime, on with the show (yeah, yeah, we know!)

Chorus - If you got love for yourself, son - bling
And got respect for this life quest - ding
Went from vexed to the next best thing
That's some shit I didn't write yet, see you at the mic check

Verse 2 - I picked the lady with the dragon tattoo
Cause you gotta make a statement in life or it’ll tell you
So I just decorate my view with experiences true
And how I know is that telling ‘em to you
Wrote a letter to myself at 82
Saying "ever should you need me, I’ll be livin’ within you"
Investment is an effort to continue with the muse
While Potato Famine broke, a ginge with the flu
C+ said Okayplayer, a slow gainer
With the tongue like a belt conveyor for blog paper
The crew’ll be some felt purveyors of raw data
When I’m faded, I recline in my lair because I’m major
Where the craft meets brash idiot savant
Get it how you live it, your glass –fill it how you want
Intuition to flash, the pan’s getting hot
Here’s to the past, celebrate, kick back and laugh


from Untraditional Gems EP, released September 6, 2013
Written by Chris Coates
Produced by William Blix



all rights reserved


Chims Oslo, Norway

Growing up CHIMS took piano classes, but he was always more interested in improvising than playing the sheet music his teacher placed in front of him. Influenced by all genres of music, his productions are very diverse while still staying true to his unique Chims-sound. A meticulous attention to detail shines through every production giving it greater depths and new levels each time you hear it. ... more

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