Twinkle (prod. CHIMS)

from by Chris Quotes x CHIMS

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Verse 1 - I'm grown now, I feel young inside
I got a button-down shirt and a checkered tie
Coming down to Earth is a ritual habitually served
My spirit is a bird - I let it fly
For what it's worth, worried we'd amount to nothing
Laying in the cut, nerved, watchin' every writer work
But, I'll get it back, get in my fitted hat
No whips, I just rented the momentum back
My incentive is get inventive but know the path
Supernova to Japanova to gettin' cash
And you should know the maneuver's over the fucking past
Die tomorrow, no remorse, I'm having a blast
Break of dawn, new day but a shadow is cast
Bad karma on the run, but I'm battling back
In the day, when I sat at the back of the class
Now I got the chalk in my hand, you're raising your hands

Verse 2 - I'm in the prime of my life, 28 and invigorated
What I gain from ego verbally syncopated's
Affiliated with how I'm tryna stay innovative
Add success to the list of shit I ain't afraid of
Carpe diem, I'm at the Colosseum
The gods of the spectacle, see 'em and want to be 'em
The Vice Magazine Guide to Being a Higher Being
My teachers always told me to question what I am seein'
And that some kind of a fight is respectable
Livin' is shed blood till the dots are connectable
And if it's any consolation, that's your constellation
Make a wish and give praise you're not a vegetable
9 lives to a cat, free passes
The globe's an assassin - a God hit that can't stick
In the spirit of the moment that I hold gripped
You only live once, man - fuck it, I'm just talking shit


from Untraditional Gems EP, released September 6, 2013
Written by Chris Coates
Produced by William Blix



all rights reserved


Chims Oslo, Norway

Growing up CHIMS took piano classes, but he was always more interested in improvising than playing the sheet music his teacher placed in front of him. Influenced by all genres of music, his productions are very diverse while still staying true to his unique Chims-sound. A meticulous attention to detail shines through every production giving it greater depths and new levels each time you hear it. ... more

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