Caesars and Tequila (feat. Roshin & G) (prod. CHIMS)

from by Chris Quotes x CHIMS

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Chorus - Fuck a lime - it's that Tobasco and tequila
That celery salt caesar, getting faded with our feet up, you know
When you play this in the speakers, get your glass red
Your eyes red up off the reefer, it's that...
It's that grown man smoke
She get it from her mom, it's that pro-grade dro
Light another one and put it in the Volcano
So lemme see some to-mato in my caesar, yo

Verse 1 - I take my caesar with tequila and a celery stick
When I'm weeded, keep it elegant, sick, somebody Tweeted
My cerebral holds the knowledge like a memory stick
And when I teach I keep the syllabus thick
But when it comes to emceeing, I see the act like a plaque or an Emmy stat(ue)
It's tourism, piff hidden in the fanny pack
Same shades as a Blues Brother, I'm Danny Ack
Same fate as a Cool Runner, I'm coming back
I'm trying to rock like I know I know how to rock it
Namin' names without name droppin', my modus op(erandi)
Hands high, be present 'cause man dies
I manifest thoughts from the mind with hand-eye and I -
When life's bitter as a raw endive -
Rely on close family and clock your demise, I'm kidding
I wish you all of my best, no bullshittin'
It was written so we all could connect with the infinite

Verse 2 - I take my shisha with my feet up and my memory lit
Achievin' peaks, new zeniths and tips, the slang rhetoric - slick
Somebody Tweeted I'm medieval with it
A depraved and dirty wordsmith, save me I'm sick
I'm the heli, yo, making my every moment seminal
Eight degrees of Kevin Bacon, baby, you already know
Iron cross - Jean Luc - on a rap mogul
I'm 'bout today and not tomorrow so the levy's open
Ambitious and flip, vicious and marvelous
Supreme, supernatural, keen, divine, glorious
The astonishing, stunning, elite, wonderful, and neat
The improbable, chief, sublime, prodigious
That shit was over-the-top to say the obvious
Reposado caesar with lemon and grilled octopus
Last thought is a reality check, it's humbled elegance
Polishing traditional gems, I'm gone


from Untraditional Gems EP, released September 6, 2013
Written by Chris Coates
Produced by William Blix



all rights reserved


Chims Oslo, Norway

Growing up CHIMS took piano classes, but he was always more interested in improvising than playing the sheet music his teacher placed in front of him. Influenced by all genres of music, his productions are very diverse while still staying true to his unique Chims-sound. A meticulous attention to detail shines through every production giving it greater depths and new levels each time you hear it. ... more

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