Money in the Rhymebook (prod. CHIMS)

from by Chris Quotes x CHIMS

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Verse 1 - From the jump and the get-go, ever-restless
To reap dividends lent for the time investment
In my stance like freelance, no free chances
Still I gotta drop a gem every three stanzas
Made a wish upon a mic
Genie in my AKG, grant me a whip made of ice
But you? Naw, you don't start out from the ground
To reach the roof, just a have a roof for your sound, look -
I can't feel a richer man's pain, devious skill
Could make a strong-willed talent want to wane
Since I hang with the winners and distributors of slang
Maybe the villains with the wage
In the future they'll be chilling with the kings
Revealing feelings, can I trade you for some change?
All alone in my four-cornered room getting mangled
Scheming on you record labels

Verse 2 - When you listen to Chris
Watch for the backhanded compliment, subliminal diss
But the frees'll give you crazy epiphs, cool enough
To freeze your toes at the tips, I write to ease the feel back
Into my nose and my lips, and what's really a trick
Is the fact that willy rap's actually cinch
When you got a bit of talent and piff, at one with the lit
I'll probably write a strong paper to print
And cite bars 2,5,6,7, and 10, pursue truth
And peruse through the oodles of myth
On the internet bootlegging, Googling shit
I've got oodles of this, whatever it is
Statisticians when we're notching a dip
Electricians when we watch for the switch
Typecast when I was poppin' my ish
madman when I was poppin' my lid
Emcees made me flip out my wig


from Untraditional Gems EP, released September 6, 2013
Written by Chris Coates
Produced by William Blix



all rights reserved


Chims Oslo, Norway

Growing up CHIMS took piano classes, but he was always more interested in improvising than playing the sheet music his teacher placed in front of him. Influenced by all genres of music, his productions are very diverse while still staying true to his unique Chims-sound. A meticulous attention to detail shines through every production giving it greater depths and new levels each time you hear it. ... more

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